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Meanflower live @ Plan 9

5 Score-the Diary of Lee's 100 song album

Citizen's Band Website

My Hank Williams Timeline website

My George Jones Buyer's Guide webpage

The Travis and Jonathan Show website

Richmond VA Music Links

Lee Harris interview @

The Ukulele Hipster Kings get interviewed @

Lee Harris and Chicken Article @

Richmond Speaks about Music-article in Style Magazine

Article Dave McCormack wrote about Meanflower in Style Magazine reviews of Oilville related bands. Search for Chicken, Accessories, Lee Harris, Lee Harris Show Choir, Lee Harris Musical Dynasty, Kings of Krap, Nursing Mothers, Rosebud, Old Hickory Boys, Citizen's Band, The Cartwheels, McCormack Brothers, Surf Like Rednecks, The Diegos, and Quick Like Bunnies