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News and Gossip

Dynasty News...

The new Lee Harris 3 CD, "The Buttons are there for Pushing," is done!  It's available at i-tunes, CD Baby, etc.  Go to for details.

Isn't is strange when someone you dated also writes songs?  It's even stranger when you wrote songs together, some of which are in the Lee Harris 3 songbook.  Check out her new stuff here!

The new Lee Harris solo CD, "Show Your Work," is slowly reaching completion-check out some new additions to the CD here.

Remember the Lee Harris Combo?  Those purveyors of memphis-style instrumental R & B?  Well-they're slowly completing work on a new album to be called "Wiggle Room," & there's a few stray cuts here.

A recent search through the archives has yielded some forgotten songs from 1991 and 1994.  "Why Can't I Tell You That I Love You" and "Apples & Oranges," & "High on a Hill," were part of a 5 day, 17-song writing binge in 4/91that also brought us "Hand Over Your Heart," "Obvious," "Mr. and Mrs," "I Just Want You To Love Me," "You Wanna Hold On To Your Heart," and 9 others.

New SPUNN is here-

The LH3 live @ Poe's 5/7/03 is now on DVD.
Country Sunshine are finishing up their 9-song demo.

Ukulele Hipster Kings interviewed 8/02 @

Presenting the late great Puff the Cat




When will we ever make it to that Indian restaraunt?
What will Monty do all summer?
New Toys-Tivo, Nomad Zen Ultra Jukebox, lots of DVD Burners