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  You can order CDR's directly from me for $7.00 a piece including shipping.  The CDR's I sell are from the master CD's, and I print simpler cover art as my printer isn't that great-but I will fill up a CDR with 80 minutes of music and will email you the JPEG files for the cover art if you'd like to print the covers yourself.  
Lee Harris-Five Score is 18.50 including shipping for a 4 CDR set with full artwork, The Lee Harris 3-the Buttons are There for Pushing which is a factory made CD from CD Baby for 12.97, and Juvenile High which is $7.00 including shipping and is a factory made CD.
You can click on the "make a donation" button appearing below to go directly to my paypal account.
I also accept money orders and checks at
Rosebud Records
PO Box 382
Powhatan VA 23139. 
 Any questions just email me.     

The Oilville Musical Dynasty Catalog

Lee Harris Combo-Out of the Box

"Lee, this is the best CD you've ever done."-Monty Jones.  "But Monty, you're on most of it."-Lee Harris  "That's why it's so good."-Monty Jones.  10 new slices of bop bop music recorded in the aftermath of the 100 song album, with Monty Jones, Hunter Boxley, Mike McCormack, Nick Doyle, Prabir Mehta, and Lee Harris.  Also includes the three combo songs from "Five Score" making a total of 13 tracks.  Extra fancy cover art. 

Lee Harris-
Make It Up as You
Go Along

Featuring song recorded in the mid to late 90's alone and with Brian Fechino.

click here to hear

Lee Harris-
Me & Monty's Guitar

11 songs with just Lee & Monty's guitar. All songs written in May/June 2001. Click on the CD cover to listen to it, download it, or order it.

Lee Harris-

Lee sat down at a piano and leafed through the lyric notebooks and walked out with these tunes recorded. Click on the cover to listen, download, or buy.

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THE LEE HARRIS 3: The Buttons are There for Pushing
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The Lee Harris 3-the Buttons are There for Pushing

100 songs!  4 CD's!

Lee Harris-Five Score

100 songs, 4 CD's 15 bucks-order yours right now.

Lee Harris-
Juvenile High

Lee's first foray into the world of CD's-recordings from 1988 to 1996 including a few with Brian Fechino.

click here to hear @ IUMA

The Lee Harris Combo-
Bumper to Bumper Tail

11 Memphis soul-style instrumentals guaranteed to make you do the Pee Wee Herman bartop dance. Click on the CD cover to listen to it, download it, or order it.

Oilville Music Machine-
Contentment Provider

Wow-who would have expected such gentle, lilting make out music from the Dynasty? And who is this Stan Smith guy? Click on the lbum cover to listen, download, buy.

If paying through Paypal, pay it to You can also just send us a check or money order with a list of the songs/albums you'd like to

Rosebud Records
PO Box 382
Powhatan VA 23139

Has the well run dry?  Or does the title refer to the acoustic nature of the newest SPUNN release?  Me thinks the latter-exciting rock music.

Lookie-here!  The SPUNN boys return with a new E.P. that is flat-out brilliant.  So brilliant, it SHINES.

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Countdown-Various Artists

available @ i-tunes

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This compilation CD was created by Homeward: Richmond's Regional Response to Homelessness to help raise funds for homeless service providers and to generate awareness of homelessness in Greater Richmond. Features Burnt Taters, Carbon Leaf, and Lee Harris

Click to hear samples at IUMA

Lee Harris & Chicken-

Whatever happened to Chicken? Listen to them in the comfort of your own home! Click on the album cover.

click here to hear @ IUMA

The Cartwheels-Hate You

10 tunes from Lee's one-man-band, The Cartwheels. Click on the cover to listen, download, or buy it.