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Mailing List

A.D. 10 December 2002

Dear Boys,
   Even as I type, my English class and I (at our break) are listening to the melodic renderings of "Christmas At Waffle House."  I am a big fan of your work!  I play it for visitors, neighbors, etc.
Keep up the good work.

   Merry Christmas,

  John Marshall Carter

Recently I've been going to Lee's website and downloading his songs. ALL I downloaded, I loved. But the downloads took so long, and there were so many songs, so I bought his cd, his hundred song hundred orginal tracks.....

I'm just beside myself happy. This may be the best fifteen dollars I've ever spent.

Smart music, fun music, groovy music, lovely music, astonishingly diverse music.

I may never listen to another cd again. I'm not kidding. It took every ounce of willpower to go from cd one to cd two, driven only by the desire to hear 'what's next'...I'd've been happy to repeat cd one again and again.

Hi, Lee

I just got Fivescore in the mail - what a great piece of work!  ...  I love it!

K. M.
Swiped from John Sarvay's web log:
"LEE HARRIS IN PARADISE In which I expose another lost page of the Internet and serve up some hidden details from the lives of Lee Harris, Bobby Gorman and GWAR. Not to mention two squirrel-hunting country singers at a karaoke bar. This, of all the countless hundreds of songs Lee has stored somewhere on the Web and the thousands of diary entries and lists of jobs he's had and girls he's dated, proves that Lee Harris would wither up and die if someone glued his fingers to his lips to keep him from talking, typing or playing music. "
"The fun is in a tack like "Booty Shake" . I love this box set and Lee deserves
all the credit in the world. What a diverse and quality collection of songwriting and musicianship."  
-Joe Kelley
"I'm saddened to announce that my wife has officially banned
"Fiesta de Paella", which I may have slightly overplayed the other night
after a couple shots of tequilla too many.  "Fiesta de Paella" joins quite a
prestigious collection of tunes that have been banned from my home over the
years, including "Housequake", "Work That Fat", "Italian Plastic", "Istanbul
(Not Constantinople)", "Alienation is for the Rich", "Something Girls",
"Helter Skelter", and "I'm So Tired", just to name a few.  All due to
excessive play, usually when intoxicated, and piss-poor sing-a-long on my
Otherwise, Five Score remains in heavy rotation."
-Cat, who really doesn't need to play "Fiesta" anyway, cuz it's stuck in his
damn head
"I cannot remember if I told you how much I like "The Devil Is A Liar". I
have listened to it several times and even had my daughter singing along.
Thank you again.

Jana (o:"
""A Conversation That Never Ends"...simply said, I LOVE IT! --Jana (o:"
"What an awesome song "Please Don't Fall In Love Again" is. It has brought tears to my eyes. I thought you might want to know it cuts off at the last verse (or maybe it's supposed to)...I really, really like this song, in a why-don't-I-just-keep-punishing-myself kind of way. It is beautiful. --Jana"
Here's an email concerning a song Monty and I did under the moniker "Sunomi" which can be heard at

"Everything turns grey" is one hell of an eerie song !!! it seems to have some sort of depressed taste or so,and man, i like that. there are so much bulls*** bands on, lots of people call their songs 'darkwave'or even 'Gothic' but they don't deserve that name ! for me darkwave, and being a gothicer is a life style, and it seems like it is the same for you, so there we have something in common, or not?

yesterday me and my girlfriend went to the graveyard and took some photos, we had a relaxed feeling of rest on that holy ground, but we were also a bit nervous or excited,
a lovely feeling, and when i heard this song of you i allmost felt the same. you realy gave your music a soul ! a dark soul !

now i wonder; how did you make your music? did you use software besides the normal instruments ? you sure got some talent over there,man, so keep on producing songs !

could you tell me when you upload some more songs,
cause i realy wanna hear more of you !!

from your newest fan,