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Five Score-The 100 Song Album Project

The Cover of Five Score

Thanks to Paula we have a name-the 100 song album is called Five Score. Ole!

August 2001 saw the beginning of this album-Five Score, the "100 Song Album." I decided it might be fun to track the progress of this beast here on the website. 

I started with a notebook of two and a half pages of song titles, and as I wrote and recorded the songs I checked them off in the notebook. My original vision was to have a three CD set of 100 maximum length 2:48 second songs. This has changed, however, and it is a 4 CD set with 25 songs on each disc. 

I have opted to include a few previoulsy recorded, but at the time homeless songs on the 100 song CD. Those songs are:

1. We Can Linger
2. God is Shaking Up the World (Recorded in Galax)

I recorded a few songs written in years past that had never seen the light of day, and recorded songs written in years past that have never been recorded. I also solicited my music-making friends for collaborations and contributions, and their efforts were fantastic.  
Prabir Mehta of the Rachel Nevadas stepped up to the plate with a song written for the CD, and he played guitar on 2 other songs.  Lewis Harris from Pent-Up House and Bucket contributed a fantastic song that I sang over, Menaflower unwittingly contributed an outtake from their new CD, Monty Jones let me cover a song he had already recorded as The Ukulele Hipster Kings, Greg Garner from Music for Viola handed me an unfinished guitar and drum thing he had that I added words and keyboards to, Jenny Jussell sang with me on a few songs, Dave McCormack played guitar, bass, and dobro on a few, Tom McCormack sang one for me, Hunter Boxley played drums on one, Mike McCormack of the Waking Hours contributed a guitar progression I turned into a song, as well as a drum line I did the same thing to.
This thing has kept me going over the past six months, and I hope everyone that gets one finds something they like on it.  Let the marketing begin!  

Here we Go!

Watch it Happen

Listen Here

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3. The Bricks Are Around Sat 8/25/01 4 AM-6 AM

Had the music sequenced in the keyboard. After a nice night hanging with the McCormacks (and making them listen to Abbey Road really loud) I fired this one up and laid on the couch making up words as I sang. It gelled pretty quickly and I got the final vocal on about the fourth try. This one is pretty much complete. The title of the song comes from the last verse-"I built a house one time/And it burned to the ground/I never tried to again/Although the bricks are around"

4. Preaching to the Choir Sat 8/25/01 2 PM-4PM

I woke up on the couch in the McCormack's basement about 2 PM and wrote and recorded this one using some stuff I had sequenced on the keyboard. It needs some editing-it's a silly Sassy Astronauts-type tune. 4 Vocal parts on this one.

5. Gravitate Sat 8/25/01 4 PM-6 PM

Fast "stuttery" type electro-beat thing. "I'm in the mood to Gravitate." It has three or four vocal parts-needs some editing to shape it up a bit.

6. 100 Ways to Say I Love You Sun 8/26/01 1 AM-3 AM

Went to a party with the McCormacks from 7 PM-1 AM. Built this up around a sequence on the keyboard. It was a song title from the notebook-it's moody 80's sounding with extra Fender Rhodes and organ I overdubbed into the wee hours.

7. Syd Barrett's Last Song Sun 8/26/01 3 AM-4 AM

This is a real quiet piano piece. Tom McCormack got home from the party with Hunter at 3 AM and requested some music to add something to. I fired up the keyboard and pulled this one out. He jotted down some lyrics and sang this one in one take-I commented that it sounded like "Syd Barrett's Last Song" and so it is named. Hunter plays a matchbox on it and I went back later and added a few vocals to it.

8. Beautiful Creature Sun 8/26/01 2 PM-3 PM

Woke up on the couch after the late night Rhodes/Organ overdubbing and fired the keyboard up once again. This is theoretically a song about a woman I met at the party the night before-we played pool against Dave and Michael Cox (we lost). I think she was married though. Everyone there seemed to be married. The song title came from the notebook. This one needs a little editing. Four Vocals Tracks.

9. Prelude Sun 8/26/01 3 PM-3:30 PM

A short little "mock orchestra" piece I had on the keyboard already-I went ahead and put it on a CDR. No Vocals.

10. Something I Can Hold On To Sun 8/26/01 3:30 PM-5 PM

A Fats Domino-styled tune-the title came from the "Notebook" and I hopped up and down on the couch while I sang this one. hence the shouting and hollering on the recording. I even added a guitar to this, complete with a solo. It makes me giggle when I hear it-this one is reminiscent of "Get Santa Claus on the Line" from last years Xmas CD.

11. Monty's Bad Year Sun 8/26/01 5 PM -6 PM

We were having Meanflower practice at 7, and I was starting to pack up when I came across this piano sequence in the keyboard. I had the song title in the notebook, and this one came together real quick-and is probably the best thing I did over the 36 hours it took me to write and record 9 songs. TOP THAT PRINCE!

12. I Couldn't Care Less Tue 8/28/01 4 PM-6 PM

Got to Oilville at 3 and met Monty-took him on an errand and returned at 4, got all the mics and such set up and plowed into this Galax-penned tune. Recorded piano, then drums, acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, electric guitar. It's sort of a Bakersfield sound country tune-a little out of tune in parts but I's happy with it.

13. The Sunset Waltz 8/28/01 6 PM to 9 PM

Had a piano part and organ part sequenced in the keyboard from about six days ago-I pulled it up and recorded a drum part to it (actually took FIVE tries, and I still messed it up on the third verse-but left it in). Added a bass part and then wrote some lyrics which really turned this one around. The melody is nice, and I listened to it all the way home from Oilville over and over. I also spent an hour adding an electric guitar part. Mixed out the two tunes and was out-2 songs in 6 hours ready to upload, baby!

14. Snapshot (Thurs 8/29/01 11 PM-1 AM)

I had planned to spend today and yesterday recording in Oilville before Meanflower practice. Instead, I dug a hole to bury a dead dog, and dug more holes to put up a clothesline. So Thursday after Meanflower practice I hung around a couple of hours and recorded "Snapshot," a song I wrote on Tuesday before recording "Sunset Waltz." I recorded the bass first, then guitar, then drums, then banjo-and then sang. It's real slow, sad, and there's crickets on it. Yummy!


15. Rich Man's Wife 9/4/01 4 PM-6 PM

Monty had given me a CDR a month ago of some of his new songs, and this was one of them-"Rich Man's Wife." I really liked the song but he hated it, so I asked him if I could cover it for the 100 song album. Permission granted-I got to Oilville at 4 PM and set up and copied the lyrics down from his CDR, then I mapped out an arrangement in my head. I recorded a bass part to a click track, then sang a vocal, then Monty showed up and I got him to add drums to the song. Brought it back to Macon Multimedia and added keyboards and punched in one line I sang wrong and there you go-song number 13 done.

16. Unnamed Instrumental #1 9/4/01 6 PM-5 AM

After completing Monty's song I sat at the drums for an hour and recorded six "drum tracks" off the top of my head-all but one the first take. I write songs like this sometimes-you just play a semi-structured drum beat and build up the tune from there. I got back to Macon Multimedia with the keyboard, bass, and guitar and went through the tracks instrument by instrument. I first made up bass parts to all six instrumentals, then I went back and added keyboards to each in the order they were recorded. Next I'll write lyrics to them and they'll be done. I might add guitar to a few of them too, and the trumpet could see the light of day. Hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow (9/6/01) as tonight (9/5/01) Meanflower is playing at Poe's and Friday and Saturday we're playing in North Carolina. Then these tunes will have names and stuff.

I'm Talking to Your Heart-Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM Well, I started on the untitled instrumentals and finished 'em a few hours later. I went through 'em and wrote words and sang 'em-then added sone guitar. Working on 6 songs at once is not something I recommend. I picked up the title of this one out of an old lyrics notebook which was handily sitting nearby the recording equipment. The title in the notebook was "I Want to Talk to Your Heart" with nothing underneath it lyric wise. This one became a song about getting mixed signals from someone-their mouth says one thing but their eyes say something different. Hence "I'm Talking to Your Heart." Believe it or not, I put thought into my songs.

17. Unnamed Instrumental #2 9/04/01 6 PM-5 AM

Your Love is Real Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM This one developed lyrically from me grunting and singing nonsense syllables over top of the music until some words started to take shape. I mention Maymont Park in this one. It's about carrying a torch-maybe I should have named it Your Love Was Real.

18. Unnamed Instrumental #3 9/04/01 6 PM-5 AM

Read My Mind Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM

This is probably my favorite of the six-it's a memphis soul type tune that could be titled "Do It To Me One More Time," but I decided against that because Captain and Tennille had a similar song title. This one is s e x y. Thumbs Up from Me!

19. Unnamed Instrumental #4 9/04/01 6 PM-5 AM

Myth to Me Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM

This title was on my list of titles I've been collecting-I had a verse for this before I started singing it. The original idea was about meeting one's heroes, but as so often happens it turned into a song about women. It has some funny lines in it. Bravo!

20. Unnamed Instrumental #5 9/04/01 6 PM-5 AM

Store Meeting Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM

The Lee Harris Show Choir chimed up with this song about retail-store politics. Kind of a shame, because the music in this one wasn't really that silly, but now it's become a silly song with seven vocal parts. I had a couple of lines of this one floating around in my head the past month, and now they have a song.

21. Unnamed Instrumental #6 9/04/01 6 PM-5 AM

Odd Bird Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-11 PM

The other one I realy like-super groovy and s e x y. Song title came from the "titles list."

22. That's What Life's Like With You Mon 9/17/01 11 PM-12 PM, 9/21/01 8:00-8:30 PM

Dave corralled me into helping him record two new songs of his, and we did that from 6 PM to 11 PM in Oilville. Then I turned the tables, strapped him to the chair, and made him play guitar and dobro as I sang my infamous 34 verse song written in the back of the Lazy Daze RV on the way home from Galax. It's a long rambling 'talking blues' ultra silly song. I sang the vocals live and then added purposefully clunky drums. I will add some bass and maybe some drunken piano and this opus will be complete. UPDATE-I added a bass part tonight and mixed it-appearing soon at!

23. Where Will I Sleep Tonight? 9/21/01 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM

I wrote this one in the RV on the way to Fuquay-Varina North Carolina last weekend-one of those songs that sort of appears out of nowhere. Luckily I had brought along a notebook and a pen, and was able to sketch the melody out crudely. I popped out 6 verses and a bridge and there ya go. The Meanflower activities of the week, along with my National Security Anxiety Disorder, has delayed recording songs-but tonight I was able to get a few done. This one is a waltz-the idea started when I was wondering where we would park the RV that night to sleep. It turned into a sad song. It's a guitar/vocal thing.

24. Basically Strangers 9/21/01 10 PM-11 PM

This one was written on the way to the Galax fiddler's convention last month, and I've just gotten around to committing it to posterity. It's a country waltz, and the recording is acoustic guitar with two vocal tracks.

25. The End 9/21/01 11 PM-11:30 PM

This was a piano piece I wrote on Monday. It's about two minutes long.

26. I Am Going to Be Your Man 9/26/01 10 PM-12 PM, 9/27/01 5 PM-7 PM

The music on this was sequenced over a year ago but I never could come up with anything to it. I sat at the keyboard going through 4 or 5 such sequences and finally settled on this one-and all of a sudden came up with a melody. The lyrics went through a few revisions, and I recorded the first half of the vocals on the 26th. Woke up bright and early at 3 PM on the 27th and at 5 PM went back to work polishing off the tune. Mixed it out, and did some editing on the PC later that night.

27. Put You in Your Place 9/27/01 7 PM-9 PM

Prince has a contest MP3 up at his websight-he did the music, it's up to the contestants to add vocals. I got inspired and slathered a 6 Layer Vocal Cake on this peppy little tune. Not sure if I'll be able to upload this to I can't, I'll just rerecord the music underneath the vocal bed. It will be garage band Prince.

28. Right On Time 9/26/01 10 PM-11 PM, 9/27/01 9 PM-10 PM

Speaking of contest songs-this is a melody I wrote for a contest at It's extra cheesy as a result-went for the heartfelt Star Search vibe, although I must admit the motif was something I'd been kicking around for a few weeks before the contest fell in my lap. I recorded the piano part on the 26th and added a vocal, but upon reviewing the tune on the 27th decided my vocal was pukey. I resang it and added some harmonies and now it's not quite so pukey.

29. Under the Same Sky 9/27/01 10 PM-12:30 PM

Had the idea for this as I went to sleep last night. (the 26th) Watching 24 hours of news channels during the day, trying to understand the recent events, just sad. Can't we all just get along? The original idea was to do this like a Tom Petty-type song, but being impatient (as I can be) it morphed into a Stevie Nicks "Stand Back" sort of thing. 4 Part Vocal Harmony on this one-a teeny bit of editing on the PC.

30. One Day I'm Going to Be a Store Manager 9/28/01 7 PM-9 PM

This song started life over a year ago during "inventory" at the store I used to work at. Inventory entails staying after work and counting every last piece of product in the store. During the tedious task I started singing this silly tune, and Nick that worked there joined in. Tonight I felt the spirit and sequenced an orchestral backround-then I wrote the rest of the lyrics for it and recorded the vocals. Upon completion, if you were standing in the Macon Multimedia Headquarters with me, you would have heard me say "what an idiot."

31. Beat 112 (Electronic Sounds) 9/28/01 9 PM-11 PM

This tune was sequenced over a year ago as well. Monty and I tried to do something with it once, but never got anywhere with it. I revisited it tonight and added a bass part and a synth part to the sequence. Then I added silly lyrics based on an idea I had back when I worked in the store for a parody techno song I planned to call "Beat 112." I added more silly lyrics about machines making music. Here it is then.

32. A Conversation That Never Ends 10/01/01 9 PM-11 PM

I got out a box of lyrics out of hibernation on Monday. Every time I run across a lyrics notebook I toss it in this box. I thoroughly scanned the notebooks in search of lost songs, and found at least a dozen of them. I remember writing this song in 1996 when I lived in Nashville, and I recorded a sketchy little demo of it and promptly forgot all about it. On October first I grabbed the notebook with the lyrics (and the chord progression handily enough) and recorded the acoustic guitar. Then I added a bouncy piano part which changed the character of the song entirely-I added a lead piano part, and then added four part harmony. It's a sweet little song, but probably in a bad key for my voice as I seem to singing awfully low in places. Oh Well! Next!

33. The Way Things Were Before 10/02/01 10 PM-12 PM

Well, tucked away in a little yellow notepad-a mini legal pad-was this set of ultra-depressing lyrics. I really have no idea when I wrote them-maybe early 1998? I'm not sure-but reading the lyrics a melody popped in my head and I started sequencing a Fender Rhodes part on the keyboard, then added drums and whatnot. Immediately following the bizarre "Tribute to John Lennon" special that aired on the 2nd I added my vocals and came up with a few new verses-the ones on the page weren't that great. Bingo! New Depressing Song!

34. Busy Doing Nothing 10/02/01 12 PM-1 AM

Piano blues number-self explanitory title.

35. Please Don't Fall in Love Again 10/15/01 1 AM-4 AM

I have recorded this song 4 or 5 times over the past 10 years. I have never recorded a version I was really happy with. I tried again. I'm still not happy with it. I may take another stab at it later. UPDATED-I took another stab at it the 15th (this original entry was from the 6th) and I got a keeper FINALLY!

36. Mystified 10/08/01 11 PM-12 AM

Dave McCormack, Lewis Harris, Tom McCormack, and myself spent Tuesday night mixing the next Meanflower CD. After everything had piped down, Dave wanted to record a new song of his, so we did. Then I threw this one at him-a tune I started many years ago that I have never been able to finish writing. Dave had the correct ansers, we finished writing it together, and recorded a version with him on guitar and me singing. Done!


PREFACE-Been working on Meanflower's CD quite a bit lately, but I planned on recording all day Sunday before Meanflower practice in Oilville. I carted all the equipment out there Saturday after attending a brunch over at Monty's house, and rather than attend an outdoor beer drinking event with the fellows, I recorded some more songs. I did one for the 100 song album and ended up writing three Christmas songs on Saturday night.

37. Imitation of Life 10/13/01 9 PM-11 PM

After setting up the equipment in Oilville a riff started going through my head, so I sequenced it on the keyboard with a piano sound thinking I'd just be doing it to remember the riff. I got a little over involved and added a drum sequence, clarinet, and organ. The riff was designed to be a "math rock" sort of thing-I had envisioned it as a bass line to a weird instrumental or something. Somehow it devolved into nerd-rock. I came up with an idea for lyrics and promptly started layering a 5-part vocal harmony over the entire thing and ended up with a very original little tune. The logical follow-up was I sat at the piano and started writing Christmas Songs. two of them sound like Vaudeville/McCartney tap-dancing songs ala "Honey Pie," and they use alot more chords than I usually do-but since they won't be on the 100 song album I'll just list the titles here-"Admit It, You Like It," and "Christmas is Lovely." The third one is more modern rock and doesn't have a title yet.

38. The Devil is a Liar 10/14/01 12 PM-5 PM, 1 AM-4 AM

This is a song I wrote the same week I wrote "The Sad Eyes of Jesus," and "God Must Hate Us All," back in 1995. I call them my holy trinity of songs. I have never gotten a version of this one recorded I was happy with, so I decided to tackle it again. Melina showed up to film the proceedings for the "Lee Harris Documentary" she's making. I had the piano part already sequenced on the keyboard, so I played drums along with it, then sang a lead vocal and added bass and acoustic guitar. (I left the electric at home by mistake.) While doing the drum part I went ahead and recorded three more "drum tracks" that I'll add stuff to later-actually I already added stuff to two of 'em, one of them completed as the following song on this list. Meanflower duties started at 5 PM and went until 1 AM, and then I decided I needed to redo my lead vocal on this song, so I did. It came out great! Done!

39. Shape Shifting Reptilian Illuminati 10/14/01 12 PM-5 PM, 1 AM-4 AM

Added a bass line to one of the drum tracks in one take, and wonderfully enough Barry from SPUNN drove up to the garage. He lives about 2 hours away so it was really a suprise. He was just driving by on the interstate and decided to see if anyone was at the Dynasty. He was just in time to lay down a guitar track, so I put the guitar on him and said "A-Minor, GO!" He did a bang up job, so I made him add a "lead guitar" part. The song title is a reference to the books and website of a guy named david ickes. He seriously believes the world is run by reptiles that can 'shape-shift' into human form. Sounded like a good topic for a song. I wrote the lyrics bit by bit, line by line as I recorded them. Melina got really discouraged and left-I don't think she wanted to document the making of this very silly song. Either that or she's one of the Shape Shifters! She "claimed" she had a stomach ache. Left to my own devices after Barry and Melina left, I naturally gravitated towards the trumpet and added a horn section to the tune. Then there was the Meanflower thing, and at 1 AM I decided to redo my lead vocal on the song so it would be "sexier." Then into the wee hours I tackled "Please Dont Fall in Love Again" and DONE!

40. Rollin' 7/01 Tracking, Vocals added 10/23/01 10-11 PM

In the course of Meanflower events this song was recorded for the next album and then discarded. Having spent a hefty amount of time tracking the thing, I asked Dave if I could sing the vocal to this song he wrote on the version we recorded and he agreed-thus fulfilling his 1 song obligation to this project. I recorded a Lee lead vocal and mixed it.

41. The Secrets of the Sky Tracking 4/01-Vocals Added 10/23/01 11 PM-12 AM

This song started back in April or May when I added acoustic guitars to a very long spacey synth thing. It's taken me this long to get around to adding a melody and vocals to it. I am going to listen to it again tomorrow to make sure I still like the vocals-I might need to sing them again with a bit more oomph.

42. And The Horse You Rode In On DRUMS-10/14/01, Bass, Guitar, Vocals-10/23/01 12 AM-3 AM

This was one of the drum tracks from the 14th-after a couple a weeks of Meanflowering I was finally able to get to the track and add the riff I had in my head while laying down the drum track. Then I added 4 silly little harmony guitar parts, and started singing different stuff over it 'til I found something I liked. I remembered this phrase as a song title I've wanted to use for about a year, and once I arrived at that the lyrics fell together in no time.

43. Top of the World DRUMS-10/14/01, Bass, Piano, Organ, Vocals-10/24/01 9 PM-1 AM

Spent all day with Dave mixing Meanflower, then mixed "Horse You Rode In On" from last night, and dipped into the well of unused drum tracks from 10/14. I titled this one before it had a song-even when I did the drum track. The drums were recorded with a very vague idea of what I was going to do with this one-I knew I wanted a 1950's style piano arpeggio ala Chicago's "Colour My World." I sat at the piano, my hands fell on an Am7 chord, and I went from there. Recorded a piano part to the drum track, tuned up the bass and added that after a few run- throughs, then I started coming up with a melody and lyrics. I got stumped, so I came in the den and watched "City Confidential" on A and E for awhile and fell asleep. Woke up 45 minutes later, went back to the grindstone and a song started to form. Then I added a harmony vocal, then the organ, then I mixed it 2 different ways. I think I like Mix One better than 2. Song Done, on to the next. I put bass and guitar and a guitar solo on the next song------

44. With All the Love in My Heart DRUMS-10/14/01, Bass, Piano, Organ, Vocals-10/24/01 9 PM-1 AM, Vocals 10/25/01 11 PM-12 AM

This song was written and recorded for my album "Me and Monty's Guitar." I wrote it in about 15 minutes at the kitchen table based on a quote from Paul McCartney concerning John Lennon-that he loved John "with all the love in my heart." So naturally I wrote a song from the viewpoint of being Paul McCartney-and as a result it's very Beatles-y. Melina was filming an interview with me for the Lee Documentary Movie and I played this song during the interview, and she called me later that night to tell me how much she liked the song. That prompted me to record a "proper" loud rock version, which I did.

45. Get You on Top Wed 11/7/01 12 AM-2 AM Sat 11/10/01 Guitarssss

Meanflower practiced at seven, then Tom, Dave and I recorded an instrumental and Tom's Christmas song for this year's Christmas CD-as the McCormacks were leaving I was messing around with the still hooked up electric guitar, and fell into this riff which I've been messing around with on the guitar for a couple of years. I went ahead and tracked the guitar, then added bass, drums, and put a vocal on it. I may still add a guitar solo and some harmony vocals and maybe piano or organ too. Stay tuned. UPDATE-Yes, I added about 10 guitar overdubs to this.

46. Anything You Want (was What You Want) Wed 11/7/01 Drums and Bass-6 PM, Vocal 1 AM-1:30 AM, Fri 11/9/01 Time Unknown.

I got to Oilville at 5 PM to work on some stuff before Meanflower practice-mainly polishing up the three Christmas songs I wrote for this year's Christmas CD. I added bass parts to all three Christmas Song demos I started a few weeks ago, then I played a bass part for a song I made up today on my way to the bank called "Flavor of the Month." Monty arrived around 6 and he added drum parts to the three Christmas tunes, and since all the mikes were set up I told him to play a beat and I would add bass for a potential 100 song album song. He started playing this beat, I added bass-we worked out the different sections then recorded it. We followed up with another bass and drum thing. After practice and recording Tom's Christmas song and "Get You On Top" from scratch-plus doing a bass and drums sketch with Dave McCormack on bass and me on drums-I added vocals to the first "Lee and Monty bass and drum thing" and it turned out to be called "What You Want." I will add harmony vocals soon and may just leave it at that-stay tuned. UPDATE-My vocals ended up being way out of tune, so I erased them and added two guitar parts, then sang it again with a harmony. Ouila!

47. Flavor of the Month Wed 11/7/01 Bass-6 PM-6:30 PM. Thurs 4 PM-8 PM Drums. Fri 11/9/01 Guitar, Vocal

This tune was going through my head for an hour before I got to Oilville, so after I put bass on the three Christmas songs I played a bass part for this song. I will add the rest soon-stay tuned. Drums are done 11/8, now just have to add guitars, keyboards, and vocals. UPDATE-I wrote some cool lyrics for this thing and added the guitars-I got into overdubbing lots of guitars on this "session" and I think this song has five guitar overdubs on it.

48. Police and Fire Report (was Lee and Monty Instrumental #2)-Drums and Bass Wed 11/7/01 7:00-7:15 PM, Guitars and Vocal Fri 11/9/01

Monty laid down a real fast beat with me standing next to him and said "put something to this on the bass." I did, and we recorded the rhythm section live. It's real herky-jerky. I added three or four guitar parts to this on Friday, and as fate would have it I took a bathroom break and was reading the local paper. They run a column called "Police and Fire Report," which details the activities of those departments from the previous week. So I read the column over the music.

49. Halftime Show (was Dave and Lee Instrumental)-Drums and Bass 11/7/01 10:15 PM, Guitar, keyboard, vocals Sat 11/10/01

9 Songs worked on in one day (including 4 Christmas ones that won't be on the 100 song album.)
This one will be the fiftieth song on the 100 song album, hence the title. It's a loping dub inflected reggae thing with a few lyrics on it.

50. I Miss You Already Thurs 11/08/01 4 PM-1 AM

Another song written sometime between 1995 and 1997. Stowed away on a legal pad only to be freed now-I recorded acoustic guitar, then added drums, then added bass, then sang. A few hourslater I added a harmony vocal and I may add a piano to it-stay tuned! No piano added-mixed as is.

51. Symphony of Sad Thurs 11/08/01 4 PM-8 PM, Sat 11/10/01 Added Guitars (acoustic and electric), Piano, vocals, and redid the bass part.

Guess what! One from 1994 that I recorded three times before but have never officially "released." The first version was a guitar and vocal demo I recorded with Brian Fechino in 1994. A few months later we demoed it with a drum machine in hopes of me getting a writing contract at a Nashville publishing house. I then last year recorded a version of it for my 5/28/2000 album with only piano but it didn't make the final album. (I don't think it did anyways)-so now Im gonna record it properly with drums, bass (which is all that's done as I write this)-stay tuned! Polished this off on Saturday, redoing the bassline because I had played a wrong note the first time around.

52. If Only They Had Known Thurs 11/08/01 4 PM-8 PM Sat 11/10/01 Added Piano.

Another song from 1995-1996 that I wrote, recorded a guitar/vocal demo, and promptly forgot about. Today I got drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals done. Plan on adding piano. Stay Tuned!-I added the Piano Saturday and when mixing it decided to leave out the guitars. It sounds real good.

Completed Songs

1. We Can Linger (6/01)
2. God is Shaking Up the World (8/07/01)
3. The Bricks are Around (Sat 8/25/01 4 AM-6 AM)
4. Preaching to the Choir (Sat 2 8/25/01 PM-4PM)
5. Gravitate (Sat 8/25/01 4 PM-6 PM)
6. 100 Ways to Say I Love You (Sun 8/26/01 1 AM-3 AM)
7. Syd Barrett's Last Song (Sun 8/26/01 3 AM-4 AM)
8. Beautiful Creature (Sun 8/26/01 2 PM-3 PM)
9. Prelude (Sun 8/26/01 3 PM-3:30 PM)
10. Something I Can Hold On To (Sun 8/26/01 3:30 PM-5 PM)
11. Monty's Bad Year (Sun 8/26/01 5 PM -6 PM)
12. I Couldn't Care Less (Tue 8/28/01 4 PM-6 PM)
13. The Sunset Waltz (Tue 8/28/01 6 PM-9 PM)
14. Snapshot (Thurs 8/30/01 11 PM-1 AM)
15. Rich Man's Wife (Tues 9/4/01 4 PM-6 PM)
16. I'm Talking to Your Heart (Thurs 9/6/01 5 PM-6 PM)
17. Your Love is Real (Thurs 9/6/01 6 PM-7 PM)
18. Read My Mind (Thurs 9/6/01 7 PM-8 PM)
19. Myth To Me (Thurs 9/6/01 8 PM-9 PM)
20. Store Meeting (Thurs 9/6/01 9 PM-10 PM)
21. Odd Bird (Thurs 9/6/01 10 PM-11 PM)
22. That's What Life's Like With You (Wed 9/19/01 11 PM-12 PM, Fri 9/21/01 8 PM-8:30 PM)
23. Where Will I Sleep Tonight? (Fri 9/21/01 9 PM-9:30 PM)
24. Basically Strangers (Fri 9/21/01 10 PM-11 PM)
25. The End (Fri 9/21/01 11 PM-11:30 PM)
26. I Am Going to be Your Man (Thu 9/27/01 5 PM-7 PM)
27. Put You in Your Place (Thu 9/27/01 7 PM-9 PM)
28. Right On Time (Thu 9/27/01 9 PM-10 PM)
29. Under the Same Sky (Thu 9/27/01 10:30 PM-1 AM)
30. One Day I'm Going to Be a Store Manager (Fri 9/28/01 7 PM-9 PM)
31. Beat 112 (Electronic Sounds) (Fri 9/28/01 9 PM-11 PM)
32. A Conversation That Never Ends (Mon 10/01/01) 8 PM-10 PM)
33. The Way Things Were Before (Tues 10/02/01) 10 PM-12 PM
34. Busy Doing Nothing (Tues 10/02/01) 12 PM-1 AM
35. Please Don't Fall in Love Again (Re-record)(Sun 10/15/01) 1 AM-4 AM
36. Mystified (Tues 10/08/01) 11 PM-12 AM
37. Imitation of Life (Sat 10/13/01) 9 PM-11 PM
38. The Devil is a Liar (Sun 10/14/01) 12 PM-5 PM, 1 AM-4 AM)
39. Shape Shifting Reptilian Illuminati (Sun 10/14/01) 12 PM-5 PM, 1 AM-4 AM)
40. Rollin' (7/01 Tracking, Vocals added 10/23/01) 10 PM-11 PM
41. The Secrets of the Sky (10/23/01) 11 PM-12 PM
42. And the Horse You Rode In On (10/23/01) 12 PM-3 AM
43. Top of the World (10/24/01) 10 PM-1 AM
44. With All the Love in My Heart (10/25/01) 11 PM-12 AM
45. A Matter of Time (11/11/01)
46. Police and Fire Report (11/09/01)
47. The Halftime Show (11/10/01)
48. Anything You Want (11/09/01)
49. If Only They Had Known (11/10/01)
50. Symphony of Sad (11/10/01)
51. Doorbells Pt. 1 (11/11/01)
52. Doorbells Pt. 2 (11/11/01)
53. Interlude (11/11/01)
54. I Miss You Already (11/08/01)
55. Flavor of the Month (11/09/01)
56. Get You on the Top (11/10/01)
57. Like the Forest Needs the Rain (11/11/01)
58. I'm Not the One (1/3/02)
59. Forever's Not that Long (1/3/02)
60. Leave Me Out (1/5/02)
61. The Way I Am (1/5/02)
62. Secondhand News (1/5/02)
63. Never There (1/5/02)
64. Most of All (1/5/02)
65. The Sound of Letting Go (1/5/02)
66. I See Stars (1/5/02)
67. Everything is Alright (1/5/02)
68. Intrumental E (1/4/02)
69. So Strange (1/5/02)
70. I've Forgotten More (Than You've Ever Heard About) (1/5/02)
71. Cheers to the Past (1/5/02)
72. Shining Like The Sun (1/5/02)
73. I Wrote You 100 Songs (1/8/02)
74. Flapjacks (1/8/02)
75. Knee Jerk (1/8/02)
76. Somewhere (1/21/02)
77. What You Wish (1/21/02)
78. Closing In (1/21/02)
79. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way (1/21/02)
80. A Prison of Your Own Design (1/21/02)
81. What Difference Would It Make (1/21/02)
82. The Barbecue Song (1/21/02)
83. Listen To Your Heart (1/21/02)
84. The Last Dance (1/21/02)
85. (That Don't Ever Seem To Bother) You or Me (1/21/02)
86. A Love I've Never Known (1/21/02) 
87. Fiesta De Paella (1/27/02)
88. This is the Time (1/28/02)
89. The Changes (2/15/02)
90. Girl of Your Dreams (2/15/02)
91. Forgive and Forget (2/15/02)
92. You Can't Sit Down (2/18/02)
93. Another Side of Me (2/19/02)
94. Booty Shake (2/19/02)
95. Something to Remember You By (2/20/02)
96. Unsent (2/20/02)
97. Bad Bad Feeling (3/1/02)
98. Megamix (3/1/02)
99. Intermission (3/3/02)
100. Good in This World (3/08/02)

53. Like the Forest Needs the Rain (was Blue Days)Thurs 11/8/01 4 PM-8 PM Drums, Sun 11/11/01 Pianos and Vocal

I laid down a drum part and mumbled a scratch vocal on this one to be completed in a few days. And it is-I added the piano and vocal in an orgy of completing 13 songs in three days.

XX. Untitled Instr. #1 Thurs 11/8/01 4 PM-8 PM Guitar Added 12/31/01 by Prabir THIS SONG CANCELLED DUE TO SUCKINESS

Drums, Bass, and guitar right now-to be completed in a few days.

54. Flapjacks (was Untitled Instr. #2) Thurs 11/8/01 4 PM-8 PM Guitar Added 12/31/01 by Prabir; Organ added 1/8/02

Drums, Bass, and guitar right now-to be completed in a few days. Well, a few days became a few months but it is finally done! This turned out to be a peppy Lee Harris Combo tune with guitar from Prabir.

55. Doorbells Pt. 1 Sun 11/11/01 Time Unknown

This is an instrumental I sequenced on the keyboard. I transferred it to the hard drive and because it was too long I divided it into two parts. Is that cheating?

56. Doorbells Pt. 2 Sun 11/11/01 Time Forgotten

See Number 55

57. Interlude Sun 11/11/01 Time unimportant

A pretty little minute and a half piano piece

58. A Matter of Time Sun 11/11/01 7 PM-9 PM

This is a song I wrote back in 1992-one of those songs I remember exactly where I was when the tune popped into my head. (Rt. 60 in Powhatan right at the lake with the fake shark jumping out of it in case you're interested.) I performed it with my then significant other, and we began a version of it in the studios of the college I went to with Brian Fechino on guitar. We never got around to finishing it, and when my buddy Jen Jusell came to visit on Sunday she volunteered to sing on a hundred song album song. This tune came immediately to mind-I laid down the piano part, we listened to the demo and she scribbled down the lyrics, and in a bit we got the vocals done. I was heard joking during the recording "Take That Cole Porter!" It's tap-dance-a-riffic.

59. Knee Jerk (was Untitled Instrumental Mike McCormack) Drums-12/28/01 1 AM-2 AM; Bass and Guitar 12/31/01 5-6 PM; Organ 1/8/02

Recorded some stuff with the McCormacks-Dave, Tom, and special guest Mike who is in town for the holidays. I made him play me some drums that I will add stuff to soon hopefully. UPDATE-Prabir Mehta made an appearance at the recording sessions and he made up a guitar part over Mike's drums and I did a bass line to his guitar part. More soon...soon is here-I added a peppy organ part and now this is a Lee Harris Combo-type song.

60. State of Mind (was Untitled Instrumental) 12/28/01 1 AM-2 AM; Bass added 1/17/02 9-10 PM; Vocals added 1/21/02; Piano added 1/27/02; Drums and additional guitar added 1/28/02

Same situation as 58, only Mike laid down a 3:35 acoustic guitar instrumental that I will finish sometime soon. Came up with a melody and lyrics for this one-now it needs drums! UPDATE-Hunter Boxley added drums and a little guitar and this one is done.

61. Shining Like the Sun (was Instrumetal A) 12/31/01 7 PM-7:15 PM; 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM Keyboards; 1/5/02 Vocals

Wrote a bass part then added drums-keyboards-More soon. I plowed through 12 songs today adding lyrics, melodies, and vocals. I did them in reverse order, so this was the last (12th) song completed. Seeing as I spent a few hours on 12 different songs, I don't really remember much about each one. I do remember this one being sexy and sultry with a good beat and a fender rhodes even. After a few days listening to this one, I can attest to it's sexiness.

62. Cheers to the Past (was Instrumental B) 12/31/01 7:15-7:30 PM; 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM Keyboards; 1/5/02 Vocals

Wrote a bass part then added drums-keyboards-More soon. This one has vibes on it and Fender Rhodes. It's a sad song, very lush-and a sort of musical memorial for folks I lost this past year physically, and the emotional losses we all go through. This was the 11th song completed 1/5/02.

63. I've Forgotten More (was Instrumental C) 12/31/01 7:30-7:45 PM; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Wrote a bass part then added drums-Guitar added-keyboards-More soon. 10th song finished 1/5/02. I honestly don't remember anything about this one right now.-Okay, now that I've added some backup vocals and mixed it down here's the skinny-this one is peppy and has some clacks in it.

64. So Strange (was Instrumental D) 12/31/01 7:45-8:00 PM; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Wrote a bass part then added drums-Guitar added-keyboards-More soon. 9th song completed 1/5/02, lyrics a bit surreal and include the word 'canopy.' A Bossa Nova Lee style.

65. Instrumental E 12/31/01 8:00-8:15 PM; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM

Wrote a bass part then added drums-Guitar added-keyboards-More soon. This one's sort of Math Rock Lite, and I will leave it be without Vocals.

66. Everything's Alright (was Instrumental F) 12/31/01 8:15-8:30 PM; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals added 1/5/02

Wrote a bass part then added drums-Guitar added-keyboards-More soon. This one turned out a huge rock song with tongue planted in cheek. Yummy! 8th song completed 1/5/02.

67. I See Stars (was Instrumental G) 12/31/01 8:30-8:45 PM; Bass And Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Played drums-added 2 basses and guitar-keyboards-More soon. The lyrics to this developed into an ego party for me-against my will. The lyrics wrote themselves so what the hell. 7th song completed 1/5/02.

68. The Sound of Letting Go (was Instrumental H) 12/31/01 8:45-9:00 PM; Bass And Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Played drums-added bass and guitar-keyboards-More soon. I honestly don't remember anything about this one. It was the 6th song completed 1/5/02.-Update! Another Bossa Nova!

69. Most of All (was Instrumental I) 12/31/01 9:00 PM-9:15 PM; Bass And Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Played drums-added bass and guitar-keyboards-More soon. I really don't remember anything about this. Maybe I should go listen to what I did.--This one is super twee and I really like it-it's purty.

70. I Wrote 100 Songs For You 12/31/01 5:45-6:45 PM; Lead Vocals added 1/3/02 11:45 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Backround Vocals added 1/8/02

Prabir wrote this one for the 100 song album. He played guitar while I played drums and then I added a bass part-then Prabir sang a scratch vocal. I have added my lead vocal part. I have now tied Magnetic Fields.

71. Never There (was Instrumental J) 12/31/01 9:00 PM-9:15 PM, 1/2/02 3-4 PM Bass; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

memory Fails Right Now.--Okay--"you can't miss what was never there." A pepfest. Update-This one is in a Memphis groove with saucy organ.

72. Secondhand News (was Instrumental K) 12/31/01 9:00 PM-9:15 PM, 1/2/02 3-4 PM Bass; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

A Blues-type thing with lots of harmonies.

73. The Way I Am (was Instrumental L) 12/31/01 9:00 PM-9:15 PM, 1/2/02 3-4 PM Bass; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Keyboards 1/4/02 5 PM-1 AM; Vocals 1/5/02

Latin Lounge Lizard Falsetto Vocal thing.

74. Leave Me Out (was Instrumental M) 12/31/01 9:00 PM-9:15 PM, 1/2/02 3-4 PM Bass; Guitar added 01/3/02 5 PM-11 PM; Vocals 1/5/02

I have no memory of this song. More Pep.

75. I'm Not the One 1/2/02 10-11 PM; Vocal added 1/3/02 10-1:15 PM

A looong time ago I borrowed a friend of mine's "Fun Machine"-it's a cheesy Baldwin organ sort of thing with a built in electronic drum sound thingy, and it has a sound all its own. When I had the Fun Machine I wrote a few songs on it-"Patterns" which later became a Rosebud song called "Fall On My Knees," "Positively Sheila," and the song I am redoing for the 100 song album, "I'm Not The One." I've recorded this song in various versions and Rosebud even took a stab at it, but it's never sounded better than on the Fun Machine. I still need to add vocals to this. OH! This is a Fun Machine Steve from Rosebud gave me for Christmas. Thanks Steve! I have one all my own now, which naturally leads up to the next entry..

76. Forever's Not That Long (was "Fun Machine Song") 1/2/02 10-11 PM; Vocal added 1/3/02 10-11 PM

I will try my hardest NOT to record 25 songs with the Fun Machine now, but I ain't making any promises! This song became a moody "use every moment wisely" type song with three part harmony.
77. Somewhere 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

This here is a piece of music I've had sequenced for 2 years and never did anything with. Nothing like a 100 song album to get me rolling through the archives. Has a roller rink sound to it.

78. What You Wish 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

This is a piece of music I did quite some time ago. I had it as an instrumental called "Teknoguy" and actually had it mixed and spiffed on the PC. I brought it back out to see if I could put some vocals on it, and this is what I came up with.

79. Closing In 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Another sequence rescued from the floppy disc of obscurity. There's alot going on in this one, but I managed to put some words and a tune on top of it. I'll sort it all out in the mix.

80. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Yet another previously unused sequence (how many of those damn things do I have?) that came out suprisingly strong in my opinion. Very poppy and dark at the same time.

81. A Prison of Your Own Design 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Guess what? Another old sequence. This one is sort of a house music parody (think Shep Pettibone) but the tune and stuff actually came out non-parody-esque. Somewhere in an old lyric notebook I wrote a song with this title, but that's as far as the similarities go.

82. What Difference Would It Make 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

A piano only sequence that's rather nice-I added the prerequisite pity party lyrics on top of it. Very nice song.

83. The Barbecue Song 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Yowsers-this sequence was the original music for the Sassy Astronauts' "Junk In Your Trunks" but it felt too cheesy for that one. Took a phrase that appeared on a few songs I recorded in '94 concerning a damn barbecue and turned it into a full fledged silly rump shaking song. Sort of.

84. Listen To Your Heart 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Another piano sequence I had laying around that I put lyrics and a tune to. This one is just as nice as the other piano/vocal songs.

85. The Last Dance 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

A song about the ocean and dying. A real somber piece of stuff. Piano and vocal.

86. (That Don't Ever Seem to Bother) You or Me 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Old sequence turned into song. It's better than the title sounds. That is a lousy title. Electro-Pop.

87. A Love I've Never Known 1/21/02 6 PM-4 AM

Electro-Funk thing I've had laying around awhile with extra spiffy lyrics now. Upbeat and aerobecizable.

88. Fiesta de Paella 1/27/02 8-10 PM

I've had a Latin-sorta thing sequenced on the keyboard for two years. I never was able to write satisfactory Spanish lyrics to it. Monty has a friend named Patricia whose mother is from Spain, therefore she speaks Spanish. I asked her to write some lyrics, and she did. I recorded the lyrics over the sequence with great glee, and here ya' go.

89. Good in This World 2/13/02 4-6 PM, 2/15/02-more keyboards and vocals.

Hopefully this will be a duet with a mystery guest. This song started life back in the early 90's-Brian Fechino came up with the first part, then moved from nashville to Richmond. I kept humming the song, and the first time I got together to write songs with someone I eventually dated we sped it up and finished the song. We recorded it with a drum machine, keyboard, bass, and kazoo-and I feel the need to finally do it up right. I sequenced the keyboard part so far. I have added more keyboards and did the vocals. The mystery guest says she can add her part next week. Woohoo! Added real bass.

90. The Changes 2/13/02 4 PM-6 PM, 2/15/02 Vocals Added

Same story as above really-the melody of this one came from an old Rosebud song sort of-finished and demoed with ex-g/f-feel the need now to record it. Okay-Vocals Added-sounds great. leaning on the fence here-might add drums and bass, might now.

91. Girl of Your Dreams 2/13/02 4 PM-6 PM, 2/15/02-added vocals

Started this song back in 1991 and my g/f helped me finish it-now feel the need to revisit this one. Spent a bunch of time polishing this up on the computer-Jenny Jussell added some lovely harmonies as well.


92. Something to Remember You By 2/15/02 4 PM-5 PM.
Greg Garner gave me this half-finished instrumental he'd done. he has guitar and drums recorded-plus a guitar solo section with synth and bass. I started messing with it today my listening to his original scratch vocal and came up with the title from those. Needs bass and maybe some keyboards and it'll be ready to go.  Bass and keyboards are finished.

93. Forgive and Forget 2/15/02 10-12 PM Keyboards and vocals.

Sometime in 1991 I wrote this set of lyrics. My g/f at the time came across them while she was playing piano and she wrote the music and the melody to this, and it's one of my all time faves I've been involved in. I've never recorded my own version until tonight-piano, fender rhodes, and vox. Very Nice.

94. 5-Score Megamix 2/12/02-2/14/02

I've started piecing together a Megamix that will include a piece of 99 different 5-Score songs-and one song from the next album I'm working on already, "Every Curve in the Road."


95. You Can't Sit Down 2/18/02 8 PM-10 PM

Another sequence from the Roland Music Machine gets spiffed up and turned into THE monster jam of 1983. Seriously.

96. Another Side of Me 2/19/02 6 PM-8 PM

Another old sequence on the Roland gets extended and has nice three part harmonies. A song about office politics.

97. Booty Shake 2/19/02 10 PM-12 PM

A real Miami-Bass floor filler. Sort of.  Keyword:filler

98. Unsent 2/20/02 11 PM-12 AM
Found a spooky sounding keyboard sound and read a letter to someone I never sent-and made my voice all spooky sounding.
99 Bad Bad Feeling 03/01/02 8 PM-4 AM
This is a song Lewis Harris and Kieran Wagner worked on last week in Oilville-I added some trumpet last week.  The Ukulele Hipster Kings opened up for them last night, and Lewis gave me the tracks to bring home and start working on.  i did just that-transferring the tracks to my machine was a slow process, but I got 'em all in there and did a sub-mix.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll sing on it and try to get a final mix cookin'..

100. Intermission 3/3/02
A Day which will live in infamy.  Or maybe not.  The final track for the 100 song album has been recorded.  (not mixed yet-but that won't take long).  I took a MIDI file that Michael Hearst sent me of a composition he did for an old band of his called Maud Gonne.  I talked over top of it-it will be track 65 on the CD, so I figured I needed to give a "pep talk" to anyone that actually makes it that far listening to the CD.  The End.