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CD's I Own

I'm databasing all my CD's and records-been working on it on and off for three months now-so far 1,018 CD's-these are mainly the ones I don't have on the regular racks.  These are box sets and things I have seperated from the main collection or in the CD Jukebox.  I haven't started on the racks yet or the records, so stay tuned.

"Al Green","Anthology (4 Discs 1)
"Alejandro Escovedo","A Man Under the Influence",
Alejandro Escovedo","Bourbonitis Blues","
"Alejandro Escovedo","More Miles Than Money: Live 1994-96",
"Alison Krauss","Now That I've Found You",
Andres Segovia","1927 - 1939 Recordings Vol. 2",
"Andy Starr","Dig Them Squeaky Shoes",
Andy Williams","Moon River",
"Anita Baker","Giving You The Best That I Got","CD","1988"
"Anita Baker","Rapture","CD","0"
"Aretha Franklin","Queen in Waiting 1","CD","2002"
"Aretha Franklin","Queen in Waiting 2","CD","2002"
"Aretha Franklin","The Best of Aretha Franklin","CD","1984"
"Axiom Funk","Funkcronomicon (disc 2 of 2)","CD","1995"
"Axiom Funk","Funkcronomicon Disc 1","CD","0"
"Beach Boys","Surf's Up","CD","1989"
"Beatles","Abbey Road","CD","1969"
"Beatles","Anthology 2 - Disc 2","CD","1996"
"Beatles","Anthology 2, Disc 1","CD","1996"
"Beatles","Anthology 3 (Disc 1)","CD","1996"
"Beatles","Anthology 3 - Disc 2","CD","1996"
"Beatles","Complete Hollywood Bowl (CD1)","CD","0"
"Beatles","Get Back & 22 Other Songs","CD","0"
"Beatles","It's Not too Bad","CD","0"
"Beatles","March 5, 1963","CD","0"
"Beatles","Past Masters Vol. 2","CD","1988"
"Beatles","Rubber Soul","CD","1965"
"Beatles","Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band","CD","1967"
"Beatles","The 'Let It Be' Rehearsals, Vol. 2","CD","0"
"Beatles","The White Album  (Disc 2)","CD","1968"
"Beatles","The White Album (Disk 1)","CD","1968"
"Beatles","Unsurpassed Demos","CD","1991"
"Beatles, The","1","CD","2000"
"Beatles, The","Abbey Road","CD","1969"
"Beatles, The","Let It Be","CD","1970"
"Beatles, The","Live at the BBC - Disc 1","CD","1994"
"Beatles, The","Live at the BBC - Disc 2","CD","1994"
"Beatles, The","Magical Mystery Tour","CD","1967"
"Beatles, The","Past Masters Vol. 2","CD","1988"
"Beatles, The","Revolver","CD","1966"
"Beatles, The","Rubber Soul","CD","1965"
"Beatles, The","Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band","CD","1967"
"Beatles, The","The White Album (Disc 2)","CD","1968"
"Beatles, The","White Album (Disk 1)","CD","1968"
"Bee Gees","Greatest (Disc 2)","CD","1979"
"Bee Gees","Greatest - Disc 1","CD","1979"
"Beethoven","Violin Concerto  Opus 61","CD","0"
"Bernie Worrell","Blacktronic Science","CD","0"
"Bernie Worrell","The Other Side","CD","0"
"Big Audio Dynamite","F-Punk","CD","0"
"Big Audio Dynamite","Higher Power","CD","0"
"Big Audio Dynamite","Megatop Phoenix","CD","1989"
"Bill Laswell","Dreams Of Freedom (Bob Marley Remixed)","CD","1997"
"Bill Monroe","The music of Bill Monroe 1936 to 1994 Disc 1","CD","0"
"Bill Monroe","The Music Of Bill Monroe 1936-1994 Disc4","CD","0"
"Bill Monroe","The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994 Disc 2","CD","0"
"Bill Monroe","The Music of Bill Monroe from 1936 to 1994 Disc 3","CD","0"
"Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys","The Essential Bill Monroe: 1945-1949, D-1","CD","0"
"Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys","The Essential Bill Monroe: 1945-1949, D-2","CD","0"
"Bill Phillips","CDR Compilation","CD","0"
"Billy Vaughn","Chrismas With Billy Vaughn","CD","1994"
"Black Uhuru","Guess who's coming to dinner","CD","0"
"Blues Brothers","Briefcase Full of Blues","CD","1978"
"Bob Belden","When Doves Cry (The Music Of Prince)","CD","0"
"Bob Dylan","Biograph (Disc 1)","CD","1985"
"Bob Dylan","Biograph (Disc 3)","CD","1985"
"Bob Dylan","Biograph (Disk 2)","CD","1985"
"Bob Dylan","Blood on the Tracks","CD","1975"
"Bob Dylan","Bringing It All Back Home","CD","1987"
"Bob Dylan","Greatest Hits","CD","1967"
"Bob Dylan","Greatest Hits Vol. 3","CD","0"
"Bob Dylan","John Wesley Harding","CD","1967"
"Bob Dylan","The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 - Bob Dylan Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue (Dis","CD","2002"
"Bob Dylan","The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 - Bob Dylan Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue (Dis","CD","2002"
"Bob Rivers","More Twisted Christmas","CD","1997"
"Bobby Rodriguez","A Latin Jazz Christmas","CD","0"
"Bonnie Raitt","Luck of The Draw","CD","1991"
"Bonnie Raitt","Nick Of Time","CD","1989"
"Booker T & The MG's","In the Christmas Spirit","CD","0"
"Booker T & The MG's","Time Is Tight (CD 1)","CD","1998"
"Booker T & The MG's","Time Is Tight (CD 2)","CD","1998"
"Booker T & The MG's","Time Is Tight (CD 3)","CD","1998"
"Booker T & The MGs","Play The Hip Hits","CD","0"
"Booker T. & the MG's","The Best of Booker T. & the MG's","CD","1984"
"Bootsy Collins","Back In The Day: The Best Of Bootsy","CD-single","0"
"Bootsy Collins","I'm Leavin' U","CD-single","0"
"Bootsy Collins","What's Bootsie Doin'?","CD-single","0"
"Bootsy's Rubber Band","Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby!","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Eno Box Vol. 1 (CD 3)","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Instrumental Disc 1","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Instrumental Disk 2","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Vocal Box (disc 1)","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Vocal Box (disc 2)","CD","0"
"Brian Eno","Vocal Box (disc 3)","CD","0"
"Brian Eno - David Byrne","My Life in the Bush of Ghosts","CD","1981"
"Brides of Funkenstein","Live At The Howard Theatre","CD","0"
"Buzzcocks","Another Music In A Different Kitchen + Love Bites","CD","1989"
"Buzzcocks","Product [disc 2] A Different Kind Of Tension + Singles Going Steady","CD","1989"
"Buzzcocks","Product [disc 3] Many Parts: Live At The Lyceum","CD","1989"
"Carl Butler","Don't Le Me Cross Over / The Old and the New","CD","0"
"Carl Perkins","Go Cat Go!","CD","0"
"Carlos Montoya","Flamenco Direct","CD","0"
"Carmen Electra","Carmen Electra","CD","0"
"Carmen Electra","Everybody Get On Up (Single)","CD-single","1992"
"Carpenters","Carpenters - Love Songs","CD","1997"
"Chaka Khan","Come 2 My House","CD","1998"
"Charley Patton","Screamin' and Hollerin the Blues Disc 3","CD","2001"
"Charley Patton","Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues (disc 1)","CD","2001"
"Charley Patton","Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues (disc 2)","CD","2001"
"Charley Patton","Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues (disc 4)","CD","0"
"Charlie Rich","16 Biggest Hits","CD","1999"
"Charlie Rich","Feel Like Going Home (disk 1)","CD","0"
"Charlie Rich","Feel Like Going Home (disk 2)","CD","0"
"Charlie Rich","Lonely Weekends (the Sun Years 1958-1962) Disc 1","CD","0"
"Charlie Rich","Lonely Weekends (The Sun Years 1958-1962) Disc 2","CD","0"
"Charlie Rich","Lonely Weekends (The Sun Years 1958-1962) disc 3","CD","0"
"Chet Atkins","Chet Atkins - Guitar Legend - the RCA Years (disk 2 of 2)","CD","2000"
"Chet Atkins","Guitar Legend­Disc 1","CD","0"
"Chuck Berry","The Great Twenty-Eight","CD","1984"
"Clash, The","London Calling","CD","1979"
"Clash, The","Sandinista! (Disc 1)","CD","0"
"Clash, The","Sandinista! (Disk 2)","CD","0"
"Clinton, George","Atomic Dog","CD","1982"
"Coasters, The","The Ultimate Coasters","CD","0"
"Cody ChesnuTT","Headphone Masterpiece","CD","2002"
"Cody ChesnuTT","The Headphone Masterpiece (Disc 1)","CD","2002"
"Common","Electric Circus","CD","2002"
"Conway Twitty","Silver Anniversary Collection","CD","0"
"Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn","The Best Of Conway & Loretta","CD","0"
"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Box Set - CD2","CD","0"
"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Box Set - Disc 6","CD","1971"
"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Box Set Disc 5: 1970 (studio & live), 1972","CD","2001"
"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Disc 03: 1969","CD","0"
"Creedence Clearwater Revival","Disc 4: 1970","CD","2001"
"Dave Alvin","Blackjack David","CD","0"
"David Byrne","The Catherine Wheel","CD","1981"
"De La Soul","3 Feet High and Rising","CD","1989"
"De La Soul","3 Feet High And Rising (bonus disc)","CD","2001"
"Del McCoury","A Deeper Shade Of Blue","CD","1993"
"Del McCoury","Blue Side Of Town","CD","0"
"Del McCoury","Family","CD","1999"
"Del McCoury","Livin' on the Mountain","CD","0"
"Del McCoury","Parmley & McCoury","CD","0"
"Del McCoury Band","Del and the Boys","CD","2001"
"Del McCoury Band","The Cold Hard Facts","CD","0"
"Del Reeves","Del Reeves His Greatest Hits","CD","0"
"Devo","Pioneers Who Got Scalped [Disc 1]","CD","2000"
"Devo","Pioneers Who Got Scalped [Disc 2]","CD","2000"
"Dewey Phillips","Red Hot and Blue Air Checks 1952-1964","CD","1995"
"Dinah Washington","Compact Jazz - Dinah Washington","CD","0"
"Dolly Parton","Litle Sparrow","CD","2001"
"Dolly Parton","The Grass Is Blue","CD","0"
"Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner","The Essential Dolly Parton (with Porter Wagoner)","CD","0"
"Dolly Parton-Loretta Lynn-Tammy Wynette","Honky Tonk Angels","CD","1993"
"Don Rich & the Buckaroos","Country Pickin'","CD","0"
"Donna Summer","The Dance Collection - A Compilation Of Twelve Inch Singles","CD","1987"
"Donnas, The","Spend The Night","CD","2002"
"Doris Day","16 Most Requested Songs","CD","0"
"Dwight Yoakam","Last Chance For A Thousands Years - Dwight Yoakam's Greatest Hits From The 90's","CD","1999"
"Earth, Wind & Fire","Millennium","CD-single","1993"
"Eels","Daisies of the Galaxy","CD","1999"
"Eels","Electro-shock Blues","CD","1998"
"Eels","Rotten World Blues EP","CD","2002"
"Electric Light Orchestra","Flashback (Disc 1)","CD","0"
"Electric Light Orchestra","Flashback (disc 3)","CD","0"
"Electric Light Orchestra","Flashback - Disk 2","CD","0"
"Electric Light Orchestra","Zoom","CD","2001"
"Elvis Costello","Blood & Chocolate","CD","1986"
"Elvis Costello","Cruel Smile","CD","2002"
"Elvis Costello","When I Was Cruel","CD","2002"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","All This Useless Beauty","CD","1996"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","Almost Blue","CD","0"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","Brutal Youth","CD","1994"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","Imperial Bedroom","CD","0"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","This Year's Model","CD","1993"
"Elvis Costello & The Attractions","Trust","CD","0"
"Elvis Costello and The Attractions","The Very Best of Elvis Costelloand The Attractions","CD","1994"
"Elvis Presley","Amazing Grace  (Disk 1) - (His Greatest Sacred Performances)","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Amazing Grace - His Greatest Sacred Performances - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Blue Hawaii","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","ELV1S 30 #1 Hits","CD","2002"
"Elvis Presley","Essential Elvis - A 100 years from now Vol. 4","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Essential Elvis -- The First Movies","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Essential Elvis Vol. 2 - Stereo '57","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Essential Elvis Vol. 5 - Rhythm And Country","CD","1998"
"Elvis Presley","Essential Elvis Vol. 6 - Such A Night","CD","2002"
"Elvis Presley","If Every Day Was Like Christmas","CD","1994"
"Elvis Presley","Moody Blue  [bonus tracks]","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","Sunrise Vol 1","CD","1955"
"Elvis Presley","Sunrise, vol. 2 sur 2","CD","1955"
"Elvis Presley","The Top Ten Hits (Disc 1)","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley","The Top Ten Hits - Disk 2","CD","0"
"Elvis Presley Million Dollar Quartet","The Million Dollar Quartet","CD","0"
"Ernest Tubb","C.M. Hall of Fame Series","CD","0"
"Ernest Tubb","The Complete Live 1965 Show #2","CD","0"
"Ernest Tubb","The Complete Live 1965 Show, CD #1","CD","1998"
"Esquivel","Cabaret Mañana","CD","1995"
"Esquivel","Merry X-Mas from the Space-Age Bachelor Pad","CD","0"
"Etta James","12 Songs of Christmas","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Christmas is a special Day","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 1)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 2)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 3)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 4)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 5)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 6)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 7)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","Out Of New Orleans (Disc 8)","CD","0"
"Fats Domino","The Best Of Fats Domino","CD","0"
"File","La Vie Marron (The Runaway Life)","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","1948-1959","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Bear Family Box 1948-1959 - CD2","CD","1991"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1948-1959 (Disc no. 4)","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1959 - 1963","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1959 - 1963","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1959 - 1963 Volume 2","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1959 - 1963 Volume 3","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Flatt & Scruggs 1959 - 1963 Volume 5","CD","0"
"Flatt & Scruggs","Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs 1948 - 1959 disc 3","CD","0"
"Fleetwood Mac","Blues Jam In Chicago Volume One (Blue Horizon box disc 4)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","Blues Jam In Chicago Volume Two (Blue Horizon box disc 5)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","Mr. Wonderful (Blue Horizon box disc 2)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (Blue Horizon box disc 1)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","Say You Will","CD","2003"
"Fleetwood Mac","The Original Fleetwood Mac (Blue Horizon box disc 6)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (Blue Horizon box disc 3)","CD","1999"
"Fleetwood Mac","Then Play On","CD","1970"
"Floyd Tillman","The Country Music Hall Of Fame","CD","0"
"Frankie Miller","Sugar Coated Baby","CD","1996"
"Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns Featuring Maceo Parker","A Blow For Me, A Toot To You","CD","0"
"Fred Wesley and The Horny Horns","Say Blow By Blow Backwards","CD","1994"
"Fred Wesley and The Horny Horns","The Final Blow","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","America Eats Its Young","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Cosmic Slop","CD","1973"
"Funkadelic","Funkadelic Live - Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 1971","CD","1996"
"Funkadelic","Hardcore Jollies","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Hardcore Jollies","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Maggot Brain","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Music For Your Mother (Disc 1 of 2)","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Music For Your Mother (Disc 2 of 2)","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","one nation under a groove","CD","1978"
"Funkadelic","One Nation Under A Groove","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","The Electric Spanking of War Babies","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","The Electric Spanking of War Babies","CD","1981"
"Funkadelic","Uncle Jam Wants You","CD","0"
"Funkadelic","Uncle Jam Wants You","CD","0"
"Funkedelic","Let's Take It To The Stage","CD","1975"
"Gang Of Four","100 Flowers Bloom (Disc 1)","CD","1998"
"Gang Of Four","100 Flowers Bloom [disc 2]","CD","1998"
"Gang Of Four","Entertainment! + Yellow EP","CD","1980"
"George Clinton","Anybody Gets Funked Up","CD-single","0"
"George Clinton","Bubble Gum Gangster","CD-single","1993"
"George Clinton","Erotic City","CD-single","0"
"George Clinton","Get Yo Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me!","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Greatest Funkin' Hits","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Greatest Hits","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Hardcore Jollies","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Hey Man... Smell My Finger","CD","1993"
"George Clinton","Martial Law (Hey Man...Smell My Finger) Promo Single","CD-single","0"
"George Clinton","Paint the White House Black","CD-single","1993"
"George Clinton","R&B Skeletons In the Closet","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Sample Some of Disc-Sample Some of D.A.T. Volume 2","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Some of my Best Friends are Jokes","CD","0"
"George Clinton","The Best Of George Clinton","CD","0"
"George Clinton","The Cinderella Theory","CD","0"
"George Clinton","Why Should I Dog U Out Promo Single","CD-single","0"
"George Clinton","You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish","CD","1991"
"George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars","T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M.","CD","1996"
"George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars","Summer Swim","CD-single","0"
"George Harrison","All Things Must Pass (Disc 1)","CD","1970"
"George Harrison","All Things Must Pass (Disc 2)","CD","1970"
"George Harrison","Brainwashed","CD","2002"
"George Jones","14 Greats","CD","1988"
"George Jones","16 Biggest Hits","CD","1998"
"George Jones","20 Greatest Hits","CD","0"
"George Jones","22 Legendary Duets","CD","0"
"George Jones","22 Tunes","CD","0"
"George Jones","24 GREATEST GOSPEL HITS","CD","0"
"George Jones","A Picture Of Me & Nothing Ever Hurt Me","CD","0"
"George Jones","All-Time Greatest Hits -- Volume I","CD","0"
"George Jones","And Along Came Jones","CD","0"
"George Jones","Anniversary","CD","0"
"George Jones","Blue Side Of Lonesome","CD","0"
"George Jones","Cold Hard Truth","CD","1999"
"George Jones","Country Heart 24 Favorite Songs Mono","CD","0"
"George Jones","Cup Of Loneliness (The Classic Mercury Years) -Disc 1","CD","0"
"George Jones","Cup of Loneliness (The Classic Mercury Years) -Disc 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","Don't Stop The Music","CD","0"
"George Jones","Duets Country Style / Walk Through this World With Me / Hits By George","CD","0"
"George Jones","Famous Country Music Makers","CD","0"
"George Jones","Friends In High Places","CD","0"
"George Jones","GEORGE JONES AT HIS BEST","CD","0"
"George Jones","George Jones CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","George Jones CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","George Jones Live at Dancetown USA","CD","0"
"George Jones","George Jones LPs CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","George Jones Mercury Starday CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Greatest Hits, Vol. 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","Hank, Bob, and Me","CD","0"
"George Jones","Heartaches & Hangovers","CD","0"
"George Jones","High-Tech Redneck","CD","0"
"George Jones","Homecoming In Heaven","CD","0"
"George Jones","I Am What I Am","CD","0"
"George Jones","I Am What I Am (Australian)","CD","0"
"George Jones","I Lived to tell It All","CD","1996"
"George Jones","I'm A One Woman Man","CD","0"
"George Jones","In A Gospel Way","CD","0"
"George Jones","It Don't Get Any Better Than This","CD","0"
"George Jones","It Don't Get Any Better Than This","CD","0"
"George Jones","Life Turned Her That Way","CD","0"
"George Jones","Lonely Street","CD","0"
"George Jones","Love Bug (Stereo)","CD","0"
"George Jones","LP CDR 4","CD","0"
"George Jones","Mr. Country Music","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor 1","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor 3","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor 4","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor Years #1 CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Musicor Years #2 CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","My Favorites of Hank Williams,Trouble In Mind","CD","0"
"George Jones","My Very Special Guests","CD","0"
"George Jones","Nothing Like George Jones","CD","0"
"George Jones","One Woman Man","CD","0"
"George Jones","Possum and Pals CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Pure Possum Radio Transcription CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Rock It !","CD","0"
"George Jones","Salutes Hank Williams & My Favorites of Hank Williams CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","She Thinks I Still Care (The George Jones Collection) - Disc 1","CD","0"
"George Jones","She Thinks I Still Care (The George Jones Collection) - Disc 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","Sings Country Classics","CD","0"
"George Jones","Sings Country Classics Disc 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","Sings Like The Dickens","CD","0"
"George Jones","Sings The Great Songs Of Leon Payne","CD","0"
"George Jones","Sings The Hits Of His Country Cousins","CD","0"
"George Jones","Star Spangled Banner","CD-single","0"
"George Jones","Starday Archives CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Still The Same Ole Me","CD","0"
"George Jones","Super Hits","CD","0"
"George Jones","Tender Years","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Battle & Memories Of Us","CD","1999"
"George Jones","The Best Of George Jones (1955-1967)","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Bradley Barn Sessions","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Essential George Jones - Disc 1","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Essential George Jones - Disc 2","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Gospel Collection (disc 1)","CD","2003"
"George Jones","The Gospel Collection (disc 2)","CD","2003"
"George Jones","The Grand Tour & Alone Again","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Race Is On (Australia)","CD","0"
"George Jones","The Rock: Stone Cold Country 2001","CD","2001"
"George Jones","The Starday Years CDR","CD","0"
"George Jones","Ways Of The World","CD","0"
"George Jones & Gene Pitney","George Jones & Gene Pitney","CD","1994"
"George Jones & Melba Montgomery","Vintage Collections","CD","0"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","16 Biggest Hits","CD","1999"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","One","CD","0"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","The Best Of George Jones & Tammy Wynette-Disk 2","CD","0"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","The Best of George Jones & Tammy Wynette-Disk One","CD","0"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","Together Again","CD","0"
"George Jones & Tammy Wynette","We Love To Sing About Jesus","CD","0"
"George Strait","Honkytonkville","CD","2003"
"George Strait","Latest Greatest Straitest Hits","CD","2000"
"George Winston","Night Divides the Day","CD","0"
"Gillian Welch","Soul Journey","CD","2003"
"Graham Central Station","GCS2000","CD","1998"
"Hammer","Too Legit To Quit","CD","1991"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #1","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #10","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #11","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #12","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #2","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #3","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #5","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #6","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #7","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #8","CD","0"
"Hank Thompson","Hank Thompson & His Brazos Valley Boys #9","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","HANK WILLIAMS 16 GREATEST HITS","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","HEALTH & HAPPINESS SHOWS DISC 1","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","HEALTH & HAPPINESS SHOWS DISC 2","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Let's Turn Back The Years July1951 - June1952 Vol 7","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Live at the Grand Ole Opry CD1","CD","1999"
"Hank Williams","Long Gone Lonesome Blues","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Lost Highway","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Rare Demos: First to Last","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Collectors' Edition Vol VI - Hey, Good Lookin'","CD","1985"
"Hank Williams","The Collectors' Edition Vol VIII - I Won't Be Home No More","CD","1987"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams - Disc 03","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams - Disc 04","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams - Disc 08","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams - [disc 06]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 01]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 05]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 07]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 09]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 10]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Complete Hank Williams [disc 2]","CD","1998"
"Hank Williams","The Original Singles Collection...Plus - Disc 1","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Original Singles Collection...Plus - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Original Singles Collection...Plus - Disc 3","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Ultimate Collection - Disk 1","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","The Ultimate Collection Disc 2","CD","2002"
"Hank Williams","Vol II - Lovesick Blues","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Vol IV - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry","CD","0"
"Hank Williams","Vol. 1 - I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time","CD","0"
"Hank Williams III","Lovesick Broke & Driftin'","CD","2002"
"Hank Williams III","Risin' Outlaw","CD","1999"
"Hank Williams III & AssJack","Boot III Demo","CD","0"
"Hank Williams Jr.","Living Proof Box Set CDR Comp","CD","1994"
"Hanson","Snowed In","CD","1997"
"Hellacopters","High Visibility","CD","2000"
"Incorporated Thang Band","Lifestyles of the Roach and Famous","CD","0"
"James Brown","Foundations Of Funk (1964-1969)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Foundations of Funk Disc 1","CD","0"
"James Brown","Funk Power  1970 : A Brand New Thang","CD","0"
"James Brown","Funky Christmas","CD","0"
"James Brown","Hot Pants","CD","0"
"James Brown","James Brown - Star Time (Disc 2: The Hardest Working Man in Show Business)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Live at The Apollo, 1962","CD","0"
"James Brown","Make It Funky - The Big Payback:1971-1975 (Disc Two)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Make It Funky - The Big Payback:1971-1975(Disc One)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Messing With The Blues (disc 1)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Messing With The Blues (disc 2)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Santa's Got A Brand New Bag","CD","0"
"James Brown","Say It Live And Loud - Live In Dallas 08.26.68","CD","1998"
"James Brown","Soul Pride 1960-1969 (Disc 1)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Soul Pride 1960-1969 (Disc 2)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Star Time (Disc 3: Soul Brother No. 1)","CD","0"
"James Brown","Star Time - The Godfather of Soul (Disc 4)","CD","1991"
"James Brown","Star Time, Disc 1, Mr. Dynamite","CD","0"
"Jeannie Kendall","Self Titled","CD","0"
"Jeff Black","Birmingham Road","CD","0"
"Jeff Lynne","Armchair Theatre","CD","0"
"Jerry Lee Lewis","The Greatest Live Show on Earth","CD","0"
"Jim and Jesse","Y'all Come - The Essential Jim and Jesse","CD","1997"
"Jimmy G. & The Tackheads","Federation of Tackheads","CD","0"
"Jimmy Reed","Classic Recordings (Volume 1)","CD","0"
"Jimmy Reed","The Best of Jimmy Reed","CD","0"
"Jimmy Reed","The Classic Recordings (Volume 2)","CD","0"
"Jimmy Reed","The Classic Recordings (Volume 3)","CD","0"
"Jimmy Rogers All-Stars","Blues Blues Blues","CD","1999"
"Jimmy Swan","Honky Tonkin' in Mississippi","CD","0"
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"John Anderson","Anthology - Disc 1","CD","2002"
"John Anderson","Anthology - Disc 2","CD","2002"
"John Anderson","Christmas Time","CD","0"
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"John Fogerty","The Blue Ridge Rangers","CD","0"
"John Prine","A John Prine Christmas","CD","0"
"Johnny Burnett Trio","Rockbilly Boogie","CD","0"
"Johnny Cash","American III: Solitary Man","CD","2002"
"Johnny Cash","At Madison Square Garden","CD","0"
"Johnny Cash","At Madison Square Garden","CD","0"
"Johnny Cash","The essential Johnny Cash (1955-1983)","CD","0"
"Johnny Horton","The Essential Johnny Horton (Honky Tonk Ma","CD","0"
"Johnny Horton","The Essential Johnny Horton (Honky Tonk Man) -Disc 1","CD","0"
"Johnny Paycheck","Johnny Paycheck Sings George Jones","CD","0"
"Johnny Paycheck","Mr. Hag Told My Story","CD","0"
"Junior Brown","CDR Compilation","CD","0"
"Kasey Chambers","The Captain","CD","0"
"KC And The Sunshine Band","The Best Of KC And The Sunshine Ba","CD","1989"
"Kim Richey","Rise","CD","0"
"King Crimson","Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With","CD","2002"
"King Crimson","The Power To Believe","CD","2003"
"King Crimson","THRAK","CD","1995"
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"LaVern Baker","Soul On Fire","CD","0"
"Led Zeppelin","How the West Was Won (Disc 2)","CD","2003"
"Led Zeppelin","How the West Was Won (Disc 3)","CD","2003"
"Led Zeppelin","How the West Was Won [Disc 1]","CD","2003"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry (Disc 1)","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry (Disc 10)","CD","0"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry (Disc 2)","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry (Disc 8)","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry (Disc 9)","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry - Disc 4","CD","0"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry - Disc 5","CD","0"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry - Disc 7","CD","0"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry Disc 11","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry Disc 12","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry Disc 3","CD","1994"
"Lefty Frizzell","Life's Like Poetry-Disc 6","CD","1994"
"Linda Ronstadt","Canciones de Mi Padre","CD","1987"
"Lisa Marie Presley","To Whom It May Concern","CD","2003"
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"Loretta Lynn","Box Set Comp CDR 2","CD","0"
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"Los Lobos","Colossal Head","CD","0"
"Los Lobos","Just Another Band From East L.A. Disc 1","CD","0"
"Los Lobos","Just Another Band From East L.A.Disc 2","CD","1993"
"Louie Louie","Let's Get Started","CD","0"
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"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony CD8","CD","1967"
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"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony Disc 6","CD","0"
"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony Disc 7","CD","0"
"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony volume 1","CD","1992"
"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony volume 2","CD","1992"
"Louvin Brothers","Close Harmony volume 3","CD","1992"
"Louvin Brothers","When I Stop Dreaming:  The Best of the Louvin Brothers","CD","0"
"Louvin Brothers / Judds","New River Ranch / Greatest Hits","CD","0"
"Maceo Parker","Funkoverload","CD-single","0"
"Mahalia Jackson","Christmas With Mahalia","CD","0"
"Marvin Gaye","The Best Of Marvin Gaye Volume 2","CD","0"
"Mayte","Child Of The Sun","CD","1995"
"Meco","The Best Of Meco","CD","1997"
"Merle Haggard","1994","CD","1994"
"Merle Haggard","1996","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","5:01 Blues","CD","1989"
"Merle Haggard","All Night Long","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Blue Jungle","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Chill Factor","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Down Every Road - Disk 2","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Down Every Road - Disk 4","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Down Every Road Disc 1","CD","1996"
"Merle Haggard","Down Every Road Disc 3","CD","1996"
"Merle Haggard","His Epic Hits (The First 11)","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","If I Could Only Fly","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Land of Many Churches","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Merle Haggard Collectors Series","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","More of the Best","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Same Train, A Different Time","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Serving 190 Proof","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","That's The Way Love Goes","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","The Peer Sessions","CD","2002"
"Merle Haggard","The Way I Am","CD","0"
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"Merle Haggard","Untamed Hawk CDR 2","CD","0"
"Merle Haggard","Untamed Hawk CDR 3","CD","1996"
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"Michael Perlowin","Stravinsky: Firebird Suite","CD","0"
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"Miles Davis","Complete recordings 2/6","CD","0"
"Miles Davis","Complete recordings 3/6","CD","0"
"Miles Davis","Complete recordings 4/6","CD","0"
"Miles Davis","Complete recordings 5/6","CD","0"
"Miles Davis","Complete recordings 6/6","CD","0"
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"Monty Python","Sings","CD","1989"
"Mooney Suzuki","Electric Sweat","CD","2003"
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"New Power Generation","2gether","CD-single","1992"
"New Power Generation","Exodus","CD","1995"
"New Power Generation","Get Wild (The Maxi Single)","CD-single","1994"
"New Power Generation","GoldNigga","CD","0"
"New Power Generation","The Good Life","CD-single","0"
"New Power Generation","The Good Life","CD-single","1995"
"Nitty Gritty Dirt Band","Will The Circle Be Unbroken (disc1)","CD","1972"
"Nitty Gritty Dirt Band","Will The Circle Be Unbroken (disc2)","CD","1972"
"Nitty Gritty Dirt Band","Will the Circle Be Unbroken Vol. 2 (The Circle Continures)","CD","0"
"Oh My God","The Action Album!","CD","0"
"Oilville Music Machine, The","Christmas With the Machine","CD","1999"
"Onie Wheeler","Onie's bop","CD","1991"
"Orbison, Roy","The All-Time Greatest Hits Of","CD","1989"
"Osborne Brothers","Hyden","CD","1998"
"Otis Day & the Knights","Shout","CD","0"
"P-Funk All Stars","Dope Dogs","CD","0"
"P-Funk All Stars","Follow the Leader","CD","0"
"P-Funk All Stars","Hydraulic Funk","CD","0"
"P-Funk All-Stars","Live At The Beverly Theater","CD","1990"
"P-Funk All-Stars","Urban Dancefloor Guerillas","CD","0"
"P. Funk All Stars","Live at the beverly theater","CD","0"
"Parlet","The Best Of Parlet","CD","0"
"Parliament","Chocolate City","CD","0"
"Parliament","First Thangs","CD","0"
"Parliament","Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome","CD","0"
"Parliament","Live: P-Funk Earth Tour","CD","1977"
"Parliament","Mothership Connection","CD","1975"
"Parliament","Motor Booty Affair","CD","1978"
"Parliament","Tear the Roof Off: 1974-1980 (disc 1)","CD","1993"
"Parliament","Tear the Roof Off: 1974-1980 (Disc 2 of 2)","CD","1993"
"Parliament","The 12"" Collection And More","CD","1999"
"Parliament","The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein","CD","0"
"Parliament","Up For The Down Stroke","CD","1974"
"Parliament","Up for the Down Stroke (Remastered)","CD","2003"
"Patty Loveless","Classics","CD","1999"
"Patty Loveless","Mountain Soul","CD","0"
"Paul McCartney","Back in the U.S. Live 2002 (1 of 2)","CD","2002"
"Paul McCartney","Back In The U.S. Live 2002 (CD2)","CD","2002"
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"Paul McCartney","Ram","CD","1971"
"Paul McCartney","Red Rose Speedway","CD","0"
"Paul McCartney","Run Devil Run","CD","1999"
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"Pink Floyd","Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd - Disc 1","CD","2001"
"Pink Floyd","The Wall - Disc 1","CD","1979"
"Pink Floyd","The Wall - Disc 2","CD","1979"
"Pink Floyd","Wish You Were Here","CD","1975"
"Porter Hall Tennessee","Welcome to Porter Hall Tennessee","CD","2002"
"Prince","12"" Archive Disc 1","CD","0"
"Prince","12"" Archive Disc 5","CD","0"
"Prince","12"" Archive Disc 6","CD","0"
"Prince","12"" Archive v.2.0 Disc D","CD","0"
"Prince","1999 The New Master","CD-single","1999"
"Prince","Ahdio Show 6 not tracked","CD","0"
"Prince","Crystal Ball [CD4] - The Truth","CD","1998"
"Prince","Days of Wild","CD","2002"
"Prince","Dinner With Delores","CD-single","0"
"Prince","Emancipation (Disc 1)","CD","1996"
"Prince","Emancipation (Disc 2)","CD","1996"
"Prince","Emancipation (Disc 3)","CD","1996"
"Prince","Hit 'n' Run Richmond (Disc 1)","CD","2000"
"Prince","Hit 'n' Run Richmond (Disc 2)","CD","2000"
"Prince","I Hate U","CD","0"
"Prince","Let It Go","CD-single","0"
"Prince","Missing 12""","CD","0"
"Prince","Music From Graffiti Bridge","CD","1990"
"Prince","My Name Is Prince","CD-single","0"
"Prince","NPG Music Club Tracks","CD","0"
"Prince","One Night Alone...Live! (Disk 1 of 2)","CD","2002"
"Prince","One Night Alone...Live! (Disk2 of 2)","CD","2002"
"Prince","One Night Alone...the Aftershow: It Ain't Over","CD","2002"
"Prince","One Nite Alone...","CD","2002"
"Prince","Purple Medley","CD-single","1995"
"Prince","Purple Rain","CD","1984"
"Prince","Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic","CD","0"
"Prince","Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic","CD","1999"
"Prince","Sign 'O' The Times (Disc 2)","CD","1987"
"Prince","Sign O The Times (Disk 1)","CD","1987"
"Prince","T's 12inch Archive 2-6","CD","0"
"Prince","T's 12inch Archive 3-6","CD","0"
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"Prince","The Black Album","CD","0"
"Prince","The Gold Experience","CD","1995"
"Prince","The Greatest Romance Ever Sold","CD","1999"
"Prince","The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (CD Single)","CD","0"
"Prince","The Hits - The B-Sides Disc 3","CD","0"
"Prince","The Hits / The B-Sides","CD","1993"
"Prince","The Hits / The B-Sides (Disc 1)","CD","1993"
"Prince","The holy river","CD","0"
"Prince","The Vault-Old Friends 4 Sale","CD","0"
"Prince","The Very Best of Prince","CD","2001"
"Prince","Thieves In The Temple","CD","1990"
"Prince","Tour Singles","CD","0"
"Prince & The New Power Generation","Diamonds and Pearls","CD","1991"
"Prince And The Revolution","Parade","CD","1986"
"Radney Foster","Another Way To Go","CD","0"
"Ralph Stanley and Friends","Clinch Mountain Country (Disc One)","CD","0"
"Ralph Stanley and Friends","Clinch Mountain Country (Disc Two)","CD","0"
"Ramones","End of the Century (Expanded and Remastered)","CD","0"
"Ramones","Pleasant Dreams","CD","1981"
"Ramones","Subterranean Jungle","CD","1983"
"Ramones","Too Tough To Die","CD","1984"
"Randy Travis","Always & Forever","CD","1987"
"Randy Travis","No Holdin' Back","CD","1989"
"Randy Travis","Storms Of Life","CD","1986"
"Ray Charles","Anthology","CD","0"
"Ray Charles","CDR Comp","CD","0"
"Ray Charles","CDR Comp 2","CD","0"
"Ray Price","The Essential","CD","0"
"Red Simpson","Red Simpson","CD","0"
"Ricky Nelson","All My Best","CD","0"
"Ricky Skaggs","Ancient Tones","CD","1999"
"Ricky Skaggs","Bluegrass Rules","CD","1997"
"Ricky Skaggs","Country Gentleman (The Best Of Ricky Skaggs) - Disc 1","CD","0"
"Ricky Skaggs","Country Gentleman (The Best Of Ricky Skaggs) - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Ricky Skaggs","History Of The Future","CD","0"
"Ricky Skaggs","Live At the Charleston Music Hall","CD","2003"
"Ricky Skaggs","Soldier of the Cross","CD","1999"
"Roberta Flack","The Best of Roberta Flack","CD","0"
"Robyn Hitchcock","Jewels For Sophia","CD","1999"
"Rod Stewart","Storyteller - Disc 1","CD","1991"
"Rod Stewart","Storyteller - Disc 2","CD","1989"
"Rod Stewart","Storyteller - Disc 3","CD","1991"
"Rod Stewart","Storyteller - Disc 4","CD","1991"
"Rolling Stones","Exile On Main Street","CD","1972"
"Rolling Stones","Jump Back: The Best Of The Rolling Stones '71-'93","CD","1993"
"Rosie Gaines","Closer Than Close","CD-single","0"
"Rosie Gaines","I Want U (Single)","CD-single","0"
"Roy Orbison","The All-Time Greatest Hits","CD","1989"
"Roy Rogers","Tribute","CD","0"
"Ruth Copeland featuring Parliament","Self Portrait / I Am What I Am","CD","0"
"Ryan Adams","Gold","CD","0"
"Sam Cooke","Keep Movin' On","CD","0"
"Sam Cooke","Sam Cook's Night Beat","CD","0"
"Sam Cooke","The Rhythm And The Blues","CD","0"
"Sammy Davis Jr","Yes I Can Sampler","CD","0"
"Sammy Kershaw","Christmas Time's A Comin'","CD","0"
"Sheena Easton","The Lover In Me","CD","0"
"Sly & Robbie","Drum & Bass Strip To The Bone","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","A Whole New Thing","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Back on the Right Track / Ain't But the One Way","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Dance To The Music","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Greatest Hits","CD","1969"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back / Remixes","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Life","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Small Talk / High on You","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","The Best of Sly & the Family Stone","CD","0"
"Sly & The Family Stone","There's a Riot Goin' On","CD","1971"
"Sly & The Family Stone","Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are : The Warner \nBros. Recordings","CD","0"
"Sly and the Family Stone","Fresh","CD","0"
"Sly and the Family Stone","Stand!","CD","0"
"Sly Stone","Precious Stone - In The Studio With Sly Stone 1963-1965","CD","1994"
"Smashing Pumpkins","Greatest Hits {Rotten Apples}","CD","2001"
"Smashing Pumpkins","MACHINA/The Machines of God","CD","2000"
"Smashing Pumpkins","{ Judas O } The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits","CD","2001"
"Soft Boys","Nextdoorland","CD","2002"
"Soft Boys","Underwater Moonlight...And How It Got There [disc 1]","CD","2001"
"Soft Boys","Underwater Moonlight...And How It Got There [disc 2]","CD","2001"
"Solti","Symphony No. 9 ""Great"", Siegfried Idyll","CD","0"
"Southern Culture on the Skids","Dirt Track Date","CD","1995"
"Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant","Stratosphere Boogie: The Flaming Guitars of Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant","CD","0"
"St. Paul","Down To The Wire","CD","0"
"Stephen Bennet","The Nutcracker Suite for Guitar Orchestra","CD","0"
"Steve Earle","Ain't Ever Satisfied (The Steve Earle Collection) - Disc 1","CD","0"
"Steve Earle","Ain't Ever Satisfied - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Steve Earle","El Corazon","CD","0"
"Steve Earle","Essential Steve Earle","CD","0"
"Steve Earle","I Feel Alright","CD","1996"
"Steve Earle","Jerusalem","CD","2002"
"Steve Earle","Train A Comin'","CD","1995"
"Steve Earle","Trancendental Blues","CD","0"
"Stravinsky","Firebird, The Rite of Spring - BRT Philharmonic Orchestra","CD","0"
"Stravinsky","The Rite of Spring - Leonard Slatkin","CD","1993"
"Supertramp","Breakfast In America","CD","1979"
"Surf Like Rednecks","Grind","CD","2001"
"Surf Like Rednecks","I Don't Want to Be a Noodge","CD","2000"
"Susan Greenbaum","Wake Up!","CD","0"
"Talking Heads","Fear Of Music","CD","1979"
"Talking Heads","More Songs About Buildings and Food","CD","1978"
"Talking Heads","Remain In Light","CD","1980"
"Talking Heads","Talking Heads: 77","CD","1977"
"Terry Allen","human remians","CD","1996"
"Tevin Campbell","I'm Ready","CD","1993"
"Tex Ritter","Collectors Series","CD","0"
"The Beach Boys","The Pet Sounds Sessions Sampler (radio promo)","CD","0"
"The J.B'.'s","Funky Good Time: The Anthology (disc 1)","CD","0"
"The J.B.'s","Funky Good Time: The Anthology (disc 2)","CD","0"
"The Jayhawks","Raindy Day Bonus","CD","0"
"The Jayhawks","Rainy Day Music","CD","0"
"The Mermen","A Glorious Lethal Euphoria","CD","0"
"The New Power Generation","Come On Single","CD","0"
"The Parliaments","I Wanna Testify","CD","0"
"Tift Merritt","Bramble Rose","CD","2002"
"Time","What time is it?","CD","1982"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD1: The Big Jangle","CD","1995"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD2: Spoiled & Mistreated","CD","1995"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD3: Good Booty","CD","1995"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD4: The Other Sides","CD","1995"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD5: Through the Cracks","CD","1995"
"Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers","Playback CD6: Nobody's Children","CD","1995"
"Tommy Collins","Leonard - Disc 1","CD","0"
"Tommy Collins","Leonard - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Tommy Collins","Leonard - Disc 3","CD","0"
"Tommy Collins","Leonard - Disc 4","CD","0"
"Tommy Collins","Leonard - Disc 5","CD","0"
"Traveling Wilburys","Traveling Wilburys","CD","0"
"Tree Fort Angst","Knee-Deep in the Rococo Excess of...","CD","0"
"Treylewd","Drop The Line","CD","0"
"Uncle Tupelo","89/93: An Anthology","CD","2002"
"Various Artists","1-800-NEW-FUNK","CD","1994"
"Various Artists","1993 - Story of Jamaican Music - Natty Sing Hit Songs 1975-1981 (CD 3)","CD","1993"
"Various Artists","20 Bluegrass Originals","CD","0"
"Various Artists","50 Years Of Bluegrass Hits 1","CD","2000"
"Various Artists","6 Degrees of P-Funk","CD","2003"
"Various Artists","A Capitol Rockabilly Party Part 1","CD","0"
"Various Artists","A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Part 3","CD","0"
"Various Artists","A Fifth of Funk","CD","0"
"Various Artists","A Tribute to the Music of Lou Reed","CD","0"
"Various Artists","A&M Records 1997 In-Store Play Christmas Sampler","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 1","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 10","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 12","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 2","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 3","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 4","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 5","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 6","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 7","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 8","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 9","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Ahdio Show 9 not tracked","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Album Network 16 Disc 1","CD","1993"
"Various Artists","Album Network 42","CD","0"
"Various Artists","And Then There Was Bass","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 1a)","CD","1931"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 1b)","CD","1931"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 2a)","CD","1934"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 2b)","CD","1930"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 3a)","CD","1930"
"Various Artists","Anthology of American Folk Music (disc 3b)","CD","1930"
"Various Artists","AP: The First 100 Issues","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Arkology, Reel I","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Arkology, Reel II","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Arkology, Reel III","CD","1997"
"Various Artists","Bean Blossom","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Beg Scream and Shout Comp CDR","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Beleza Tropical","CD","1989"
"Various Artists","Best Of Bluegrass","CD","1991"
"Various Artists","Black Love Sampler","CD","1998"
"Various Artists","Blockbuster Music You Gotta Try New Music Volume 2","CD","0"
"Various Artists","BNA Records Label Ho Ho Holidays","CD","1996"
"Various Artists","Boogie Woogie","CD","2000"
"Various Artists","Boogie Woogie - CD 1","CD","2000"
"Various Artists","Chess New Orleans","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Chess New Orleans - Disc 2","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Christmas 2000","CD","1999"
"Various Artists","Christmas Comedy Classics","CD","1985"
"Various Artists","Classic P-Funk","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Conception : An interpretation of Stevie Wonder's Songs","CD","2003"
"Various Artists","Country * USA 1963","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Country Christmas (Disc 1 of 2)","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Country Christmas (Disc 2 of 2)","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Country Top 20 Hits 1968 Vol. 1","CD","0"
"Various Artists","Country USA - 1950","CD","0"
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